Фестивали, международные мероприятия, выставки, концерты, театральные выступления, празднования и многое другое! Погрузитесь в жизнь Лугано, открыв для себя множество фестивалей и мероприятий, которые оживляют город круглый год.

Здесь вам предложат несколько идей на ближайшие недели:

Gioie fra i capelli. Antonini Collection - Museo delle Culture, Lugano 
From 8th September to 25th November 2018 
The MUSEC presents a fine selection of head ornaments belonging to a collection of over one thousand pieces gathered from the Antonini. A journey through cultures to discover that combs reveal not only signs of beauty, nobility and power, but also of craftsmanship and creativity.

René Magritte. La ligne de vie - LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Lugano 
From 16th September 2018 to 6th January 2019
Like no other artist René Magritte was able to highlight the disquieting side of everyday objects. The seventy works in the exhibition at MASI are linked to the topics Magritte’s tackled in his La ligne de vie conference, which was one of the very few occasions when the artist expressed himself in public about his work and his sources of inspiration. It is therefore possible not only to admire his extraordinary paintings, but to discover the secrets that allowed Magritte to create them.
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LuganoMusica - LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Lugano
From 3th September 2018 to 22nd May 2019
A musical season dedicated primarily to classical music but open to other art forms as well. The programme features the world’s leading symphony orchestras performing repertoires intended for large orchestras and hence with very wide expressive ranges. LuganoMusica events are held throughout the year and organised into various cycles including recitals, chamber music concerts and a cycle dedicated to the new generation of performers and various forms of contemporary music.

LuganoInScena - LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Lugano
From 26th September 2018 to 31st May 2019
LuganoInScena offers a programme which runs the gamut from prose theatre to contemporary theatre, from national and international dance spectacles to musical programme and successful musical. It has played host to leading figures from the world of theatre and works closely with local artists The range of performances on offer is addressed to as vast audience as possibile, combining experimentation and tradition. From 2015 LAC Arts Centre allows LuganoInScena to produce and coproduction prose and dance spectacles, that after tour to other Theatre.

Circo Knie 2018 "Formidable" - Lugano 
From 15th to 18. November 2018 
Ecco a voi "FORMIDABLE"
La tournée 2018 del Circo Knie! Inizieremo la stagione 2018 all'insegna delle donne: il nostro nuovo programma "FORMIDABLE" darà spazio a Helga Schneider (Svizzera tedesca) e Marie-Thérese Porchet (Svizzera romanda/Ticino), due protagoniste della scena comica svizzera che vi intratterranno sotto il nostro tendone. Un momento da non perdere saranno i numeri acrobatici sospesi in aria: la Troupe Skokov vi incanterà con una performance fiabesca sull'altalena russa, il duo 2-zen-O si esibirà in audaci prodezze acrobatiche, mentre Laura Miller combinerà gli elementi aria e acqua. Alexandr Batuev darà prova della sua incredibile agilità. La famiglia di Franco Knie junior ha in serbo una sorpresa molto speciale: lasciatevi sorprendere e vivete con noi una serata ricca di magia. Da giovedì 15 marzo al 18 novembre 2018 il Circo Knie monterà il suo tendone in ben 38 località. Anche nella vostra zona! Accorrete numerosi!

Natale in Piazza - Lugano
From 1st December 2018 to 6th January 2019
Christmas in Lugano starts with the lighting of the tree in Riforma Square. From that moment, the heart of the city becomes a bright village, bestowing opportunities for entertainment, musical performances, a market and surprises until the Epiphany. From 1st December, the City will be transformed with Christmas lights, sounds and colours. The most beautiful festival of the year is celebrated with the markets, a children’s village, concerts, entertainment, the New Year’s Eve open-air party and many other events that will fill the city with the magic of Christmas up until 6 January.