Захватывающие пейзажи и бесконечный горизонт, которыми можно любоваться с вершин Монте-Бре, Монте Сан Сальваторе и Монте Тамаро. В любое время года вы можете прогуляться у озера, в одном из многочисленных парков Лугано или открыть для себя этот регион с другой стороны, посетив культурные памятники и мероприятия.

Любителям организованных экскурсий мы предложим наши любимые туры, организованные Lugano Turismo. Выберите экскурсию на свой вкус:

Lugano - Unexpected Classic Tour (Free Tour)

Every Monday, from 22nd April to 28th October 2019
From 10am to 12 noon
Free Tour
Reservation required

The charming actors will allow you to travel in time and get know the people and the places that have made the city great. For those of you who want to discover Lugano’s many, multi-faceted characteristics and some of the city’s most meaningful places, this excursion is the best was to do so.

Lugano - Monte San Salvatore 

Every Wednesday, from 12nd June to 23th October 2019
From 10 am to 1pm
Adults CHF 15.-- / Young (6-16 years old) CHF 10.-- / Kids (0-5 years old) Free
30% Discount with Holiday Card
Reservation required

The gulf of Lugano is made special by two mountains that mark its boundaries: Monte Brè and Monte San Salvatore. The latter, whose shape recalls that of the more famous Pão de Açúcar, has conferred the nickname of “Little Rio” to Lugano. After reaching the top with the cable car you will be able to enjoy a truly breath-taking view.

Romantic Walk Through Traditions - Gandria 

Every Thursday, from 27th June to 17th October 2019 
From 10am to 2.30pm
Adults CHF 15.-- / Young (6-16 years old) CHF 10.-- / Kids (0-5 years old) Free 
30% Discount with Holiday Card
Reservation required

A visit to Lugano may not be defined as such if you don't include Gandria, a romantic and picturesque hamlet. In this magic and incredibly charming location, you'll be able to take a dive into the past and discover how the fishermen and the inhabitants of the lake used to live once.

Lugano - Monte Brè 

Every Friday, from 17th May to 18th October 2019  
From 1.50pm to 6.30pm 
Adults CHF 15.-- / Young (6-16 years old) CHF 10.-- / Kids (0-5 years old) Free  
30% Discount with Holiday Card
Reservation required

From the heart of the city to the most uncontaminated peak of Lugano. You'll enjoy the splendid view and walk through the tiny village of Brè.

Lugano - Guided City Walk  (Free Tour)

Every Saturday, from 13th April to 26th October 2019   
From 10am to 12 noon  
Free Tour
Reservation required

An interesting walk through the pedestrian streets of the centre, discovering Lugano's new train station, the recently restored Cathedral and the city seen from above. The route will then continue through the historic streets to discover a different Lugano through the eyes of those who live there.

Grotti Tour

Friday's and Saturday's evening at 7.15pm from 31st May to 17th August 
CHF 15
From end of May to late August, Società Navigazione del Lago di Lugano offers an friday's and saturday's evening tour of Lake Lugano’s grottos by boat. The trip departs at 7.15 pm from Lugano, picks up passengers on the return leg at 9.35 pm and drops them back to the city by 10.45 pm at the latest. Tickets cost 15 CHF and require a reservation in the grotto of one’s choice. 

Lugano - Paradiso - San Rocco - Caprino - Grotto Pescatori - Cantine di Gandria - Gandria - Grotto Elvezia

Grotto San Rocco +41 91 923 98 60
Antico Ristorante Caprino +41 91 970 21 11
Grotto dei Pescatori +41 91 923 98 67

Cantine di Gandria

Grotto Descanso +41 91 922 80 71
Grotto Teresa +41 91 923 58 95


Ristorante Antico +41 91 971 48 71
Ristorante Roccabella +41 91 971 27 22
Locanda Gandriese +41 91 971 41 81
Grotto Elvezia +41 91 971 44 51

Taste my Swiss city Lugano - Lugano

This tour is not guided and instead walked and experienced independently according to the detailed instructions provided on booking.
CHF 90.--

True food and drink indulgence off the beaten track: discover the taste of Swiss cities by following recommendations from the locals. This city tour is definitely not in any travel guide (yet). It is a chance to decide for yourself – by choosing the local scene expert to suit your individual taste. Discover their favourite restaurants and be inspired by little delicacies in a rather different way: Bernasconi Gastronomia, Grand Café al Porto, Ristorante La Tinera, Bottegone del vino, Ristorante Soave 10, Vanini 1871.

FoxTrail - Lugano 

Open all year and all days from 8am to 5pm 
Adults CHF 31.-- / Young (4-16 years old) CHF 16.-- / Kids (0-4 years old) Free / Families CHF 79.--

Not only tourists come along to this beautiful gateway to the south, but even the fox is very active here. The pursuers have to work quite nicely to stay on the foxs’ heels in this bay. Not that he manages to escape across the border to Italy! On Galileo Galilei you search for the mysterious green treasure chest in the centre of Lugano. The trail leads you from the train station directly into the hills of the city. Here you should not let yourself be too distracted by the breath-taking view, as there is still much to do: knights have to be saved, old characters have to be deciphered or trails of blood pursued. Even an exclusive cableway will help you with this! The extraordinary city tour through Lugano ends in the city center and is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

Guided Walking Tour "Following the Trail of Hermann Hesse" - Lugano 

Open all year
March - October: open all days from 10.30am to 5.30pm 
November - February: Saturday and Sunday from 10.30am to 5.30pm 
Audioguide CHF 5.-- 
Itinerary A (stops 1-11) CHF 140.-- 
Itinerary B (stops 1, 9 - 11) CHF 80.-- 

A footpath which takes to Hesse’s favourite places, passing by the houses where he lived, and ending to the cemetery where he is buried. Audio guides in German and Italian are available for the walking tour which follows the tracks of Hermann Hesse throughout the landscape of Collina d’Oro. Audio guides also provide information on all the artistic attractions and other tourist spots.

Tourist Train of Lugano - Lugano 

Open all year  

A wonderful tour of the city on board of one of the friendly tourist trains “The Red Arrow” travelling along the lake gulf, will allow you to discover the beauties of the city, together with its surroundings, including the Monte Brè and the Monte S. Salvatore funiculars. Every 30 minutes; 10 km tour. Trip time: 40 minutes, also giving you the possibility of getting off in the places you most like, and to continue your journey later in the day.

Adults CHF 9.-- / Kids (<10 years old) CHF 5.-- 

From 1st April to 30th June 2019 
Everyday every 30' from 10.00 am to 5pm  
Saturdays, and Holidays every 30' from 10.00am to 7pm. 

From 1st July to 14th July and from 19th to 31st August 2019
Everyday every 30' from 10.00 am to 8.30pm  
Saturdays, and Holidays every 30' from 10.00am to 7.45pm. 

From 15th July tho 18th August 2019 
Everyday every 30' from 10.00 am to 10pm  
Saturdays, and Holidays every 30' from 10.00am to 7.45pm. 

From 2nd September to 27th October 2019 
Everyday every 30' from 10.00 am to 5pm  
Saturdays, and Holidays every 30' from 10.00am to 7pm. 

From 28th October 2019 to 1st March 2020 
Everyday every 30' from 10.30 am to 4.30pm  
Saturdays, and Holidays every 45' from 10.30am to 4.30pm, only with good weather.