A landscape full of contrasts

Breath-taking views and endless horizons to admire, from the peaks of Monte Brè, Monte San Salvatore and Monte Tamaro. Whatever the season, you can stroll along the lakefront, enjoy Lugano's many parks or explore the area through its artistic and cultural attractions.

For guests with a taste for guided tours, we offer our favorite excursions organized by Lugano Turismo. 

Find the tour best suited to your interests:

Unexpected Classic Tour - Lugano
Every Monday, from 2nd April to 22nd October 2018
From 10am to 12pm
Free Tour
The charming actors will allow you to travel in time and get know the people and the places that have made the city great. For those of you who want to discover Lugano’s many, multi-faceted characteristics and some of the city’s most meaningful places, this excursion is the best was to do so.

Romantic Walk Through Traditions - Gandria
Every Tuesday, from 26th June to 16th October 2018
From 10am to 2.30pm
Adults CHF 10.-- / Young (6-16) CHF 5.--, reservation required
A visit to Lugano may not be defined as such if you don't include Gandria, a romantic and picturesque hamlet. In this magic and incredibly charming location, you'll be able to take a dive into the past and discover how the fishermen and the inhabitants of the lake used to live once.

Monte San Salvatore - Lugano
Every Wednesday, from 13th June to 24th October 2018
From 10am to 1pm
Adults CHF 10.-- / Young (6-16) CHF 5.--, reservation required
The excursion allows you to enjoy this natural landmark from all its points of view. The gulf of Lugano is made special by two mountains that mark its boundaries: Monte Brè and Monte San Salvatore. The latter, whose shape recalls that of the more famous Pão de Açúcar, has conferred the nickname of “Little Rio” to Lugano. After reaching the top with the cable car you will be able to enjoy a truly breath-taking view.

Through the eyes of an architect - Lugano
Every Thursday, from 26th April to 18th October 2018
From 10am to 12pm
Free Tour
Discover the 20th and 21st century architecture, which characterizes Lugano, embarking on a fascinating trip between our recent past and a present projected into the future. From Chiattone to Vacchini, from Tami to Botta, to the local university (USI) Campus, our tour will show you a new Lugano: you’ll be able to admire it from a different perspective.

Monte Brè - Lugano
Every Friday, from 11st June to 29th October 2018
From 12.50pm to 5.30pm
Adults CHF 10.-- / Young (6-16) CHF 5.--, reservation required
From the heart of the city to the most uncontaminated peak of Lugano. You'll enjoy the splendid view and walk through the tiny village of Brè.

Guided City Walk - Lugano
Every Saturday, from7th April to 27th October 2018
From 10am to 12pm
Free Tour
An interesting walk through the pedestrian streets of the centre, discovering Lugano's new train station, the recently restored Cathedral and the city seen from above. The route will then continue through the historic streets to discover a different Lugano through the eyes of those who live there.