Breakfast Buffet

The breakfast of your dreams.

Every morning, you will marvel at the variety of products offered on our breakfast buffet and relish the sweet aroma of fresh-baked delicacies, experiencing our commitment to finding and offering you the very best ingredients and zero-kilometer products. The only way to understand the value of this special attention is to taste it yourself.
In addition to our endless spread of sweet and savory delights featuring fresh fruit, vegetables, fresh-squeezed juice, yoghurt and, of course, coffee, cappuccino and more than 20 kinds of tea, you can enjoy a corner dedicated entirely to organic foods.

And to offer you even more, we give you the chance to say “no” with an offering of gluten- and allergen-free foods. 
A gluten-free diet can be a challenge, and food intolerances are constantly on the rise. We always strive to meet your specific dietary needs. That's why our Breakfast Team has undergone thorough training in celiac disease to prepare tasty dishes for guests who suffer from this disease or adhere to a gluten-free diet.

Choose your preferences in your MyPage account. 
Design your gluten-free breakfast using MyPage, where you can order croissants and jam, as well as lactose-free products such as rice milk, soy milk and much more!