Our Hotel

As soon as you enter the foyer of our hotel, you will see that we have a special way to make you feel welcome and to show how much we care: we greet you with a smile.

We are in the habit of always trying to do something extra.

Something extra in the area of hospitality as well as that of kindness. Because we love to surprise you, go beyond your desires and exceed your expectations. Seeing to every detail and pampering you with thoughtful attentions throughout your stay, from the first hours of the day to the pleasure of deep slumber at night. Our goal is not to make you feel at home but rather in a unique, special place surrounded by the thoughtful attentions of our entire staff. Comfort that goes beyond kindness.

(and if possible, even better than at home)

Breakfast Buffet

To sweeten your morning, we have prepared something unforgettable.

What you can see in the photo of our breakfast buffet is already a lot, but there is so much more.

You will also enjoy the aroma of fresh-baked sweets, and experience the results of our commitment to finding and offering you the very best ingredients and zero-kilometre products. The only way to understand the value of this special attention is to taste it yourself.

And now our endless spread of sweet and savoury delights, with fresh fruit, vegetables, centrifuges, yoghurt and, of course, coffee, cappuccino and more than 30 kinds of tea, is completed with a corner dedicated entirely to organic foods.

And in order to offer you even more, we are offering you a 'without'.

For coeliacs and those with gluten intolerances, we offer ad hoc "breakfast packages" that can be booked exclusively through your MyPage account.

Through MyPage, you can also request soymilk, rice milk and lactose-free cheese.


The friendliness of a family and the reliability of a team of professionals.

Our hospitality begins right here, right now, since we also want you to feel at ease using this website, finding everything you need and all of the images to help you understand down to the smallest detail all that the Hotel Lugano Dante has to offer.

And of course, from the booking to the confirmation, up to your arrival and time at our hotel, we will be taking care of you and your stay. Our idea of hospitality also extends to your car and your luggage going all the way to tranquil silence, sweet slumber and clean air.

A hospitality made up of much more than smiles.

Neat & Clean

At the Hotel Lugano Dante, you will discover that hospitality has a fragrance all its own: cleanliness.

Cleanliness is no laughing matter and we do not take it for granted.

You will discover a refreshingly clean and wonderfully prepared room, the frequency with which we change your towels and sheets (even while respecting a mindful environmental policy) ... and you will notice a few special details that make all the difference, like the meticulous cleaning of the carpets and curtains.

Our attention to your stay even extends to the cleaning and periodic replacement of the air conditioner filters: a detail that you cannot see but that is important to us all the same.

For us, hygiene is an absolute value.

Attention to detail

Our job is not to give you a room to sleep in, but above all to make sure that you are well cared for.

This is why we are so attentive to interpreting your every need and anticipating your every desire. The perfect room temperature, a cup of coffee always at the ready, your favourite kind of pillow, a buffet for discovering the pleasure of lingering over a mouth-watering breakfast, your favourite drinks ready and waiting for you in the minibar...

Details. Or better, for us, fundamental details for a perfect stay: from the first welcoming smile to the last attentions before your departure.

Dog Friendly

To feel like a VIP - Very Important Pet

What fun is there in traveling without your pet? No pleasure at all. So, that's why our properties welcome your four-legged family members*.

Upon check-in, your dog will receive:

  • Welcome gifts including tasty treats
  • A soft bed and a bowl
  • Info regarding dog walking routes, local vets and pet attractions
  • Dog bed turndown service

To help lightening the travel load, you can personalize the stay of your furry friend through your MyPage, and choose the preferred special drinks, tasty treats and the best pet accessories that suits its needs.

*maximum weight 20kg

The true temptation?

You can even offer your best furry friend SPA treatments thanks to our partnership with the exclusive Bautique & Spa in Lugano, a few steps away from our hotel.

We love to take care of all our guests

We pay particular attention to our guests accompanied by their 4-legged friends, always doing a thorough cleaning of the room. For this reason, we apply an additional charge of CHF 20. - per night.

For a complete list of our "dog policies", contact us at

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